Chair covers and Ties

We offer chair colours and a wide range of ties to suit every occasion.

Chair covers are made from Lycra which means we can cover pretty much most types of banquet and venue Chairs. Our Covers come in White, Ivory and will add the perfect finish to your venue setting.

We pride ourselves that all of our Chair Covers are professionally laundered, ensuring that our Covers meet our high expectations and look perfect for your event. You can be sure that everything will be crisp, clean and complimenting of your chosen colour scheme.

We have a huge range of sashes in  a huge range of different colours in organza, taffeta and satin. Maybe you would like a combination of Organza and Satin – a choice that is increasing popular.

Cant find what you are looking for? No problem! Give us a call and we will do everything we can to help. In the past we have been able to provide alternative colours and materials to provide the unique touch to events.

Snow Organza

Apple GreenOrangeDark SilverPastel lemonPale IvoryBaby PinkBlackDeep PurpleRedCoffee BrownLilacRaspberryDark GreenIceberg Blue

Organza or Taffeta

Black -12Baby PinkSalmon PinkCrimson Redst14Burgundy Redst33pst66pst24pst59Pale MintPastel lemon Dark Silver/Greytt07st25tt33tt27Deep PurpleCadburys Purplepst25tt26pst54st21pst77pst21Electric Bluett04tt23pst68pst81pst63st11tt21tt32Orange -01tt15


Baby PinkClassic Rose119LilacCadburys PurpleAuberginePale Mint116120113Hunter GreenBaby BlueSnow White118Aqua 96Coblat BlueRoyal BlueLight Yellow117110ChocolateMagentaSoft Ivory RedBurnt Orange114112115111

We offer three packages and prices start from 50p however, we would love you to arrange a personal consultation to see what unique design we can come up with for your day!

Option A

Self Hire

Ideal if you have access to your venue the day/night or are keeping to a budget

  • Consultation to choose colour, material and design choice.
  • Bow tying lessons in advance of your day.
  • Everything made available 2 – 3 days prior to your event and must be returned the day following your event. 

Option B

Excellent if you don’t have access to your venue until the morning of your event

  • Consultation to choose colour, material and design choice.
  • We liaise with your venue / coordinator in advance of the day for access times.
  • We deliver to the venue, put on the chair covers and tie the bows. You return items the following day directly to us.

Option C

Stress Free

Perfect if you just want everything to be stress free.

  • Consultation to choose colour, material and design choice.
  • We fully liaise with your venue/coordinator in advance of the day for access times
  • We deliver to your venue, put on the chair covers, tie the bows then return to the venue after your event to collect all chair covers and ties.